Arcanum is a CEMEX proprietary design low shrink concrete. Arcanum facilitates minimizing the potential for cracking outside the design jointing. This product has proven 100% successful. Typical applications include polished floors for schools, residential, and commercial, pool decks and patios, hollow-core overlays and thin topping overlays.

Polypropylene Fiber Concrete

Polypropylene fiber is added to concrete during batching. Thousands of individual fibers are then evenly dispersed throughout the concrete during the mixing process creating a matrix-like structure.

Polypropylene Fiber Concrete is versatile and can be used in most applications to reduce frequency of plastic shrinkage cracking, Improve durability of reduce permeability of concrete and decrease the risk of plastic settlement cracking over rebar.

Steel Fiber Concrete

Ready Mix USA proprietary structural designs incorporating Steel Fiber increase usable working loads, while reducing overall in-place cost. Engineering Services are included for Value Engineering new or in-progress projects to include Floor/Paving systems and walls. Included are load values for the project Structural Engineer

Proprietary concrete designs are prepared with the steel fiber structural reinforcing as an integral part of the system facilitating exceptional placing and finishing characteristics even with high load applications.

Internal Waterproof Concrete

Ready Mix USA proprietary Structural designs incorporating INTERNAL WATERPROOFING eliminate the cost and time required for older external waterproofing systems. Cost per Square Foot can be 25% of typical external systems.


Pervia is an innovative concrete solution that is permeable by design to provide water management for your construction project. The pervious concrete provides high permeability as well as structural performance that can be used in heavy traffic road conditions.


Resilia is an internally reinforced concrete solution addressing challenges where high ductility is required offering joint-less floor capability when desired/required. Resilia is commonly used to eliminate conventional rebar reinforcing while cost efficiently provide improved load capacity, ductility, curling resistance and finish.


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